Friday, 6 January 2006

An Epiphany Manifest-O

Today we celebrate Jesus being “made manifest” to the Gentiles. In other words, Jesus was shown very clearly to be who He was to the Magi. They were the first non-Jews to be so shown.

I am a follower of Jesus because many people made Him evident to me by showing me what He is like and by demonstrating His goodness. My job is to do the same for the benefit of others. I am to do my best to make Jesus manifest in my life so He will be revealed to others.

How else is Jesus being made manifest these days? Here are some ways which bless me especially.

He is manifest in our worship Sunday after Sunday at St Barnabas. He appears in our music, in the Scriptures read out loud, in my dear brothers and sisters gathered and, most of all, in the bread and wine of the Eucharist.

He is manifest in my wife and children.

He is manifest in brother and sister clergy.

He is manifest in Anglican Essentials Canada (

He is manifest in New Wine (

He is manifest in our diocesan Cursillo ( movement and in Teens Encounter Christ (

Each of those experiences, relationships and organizations have helped to make Jesus clearer to me.


KJB said...
Could you expand upon the "He is manifest in my wife and children" part?
Gene said...
I believe Jesus reveals himself to me in the blessings I receive from my wife and children. He loves me through them.