Wednesday, 29 March 2006

...and speaking of suffering

An issue which continues to cause unimaginable suffering for all concerned is abortion.

I just received the latest e-newsletter from United Mothers, Fathers and Friends. It includes a piece on Canadian abortion law and an election statement from Prime Minister Harper.  
During the recent election campaign, Stephen Harper said his views on abortion were ‘complex.’  ‘I don’t fall into any of the neat polar extremes on this issue,’ he told Global news.

“Abortion-on-demand is said to be either a fundamental Charter right or a massive violation of the fundamental right to life.  Those are the ‘neat polar extremes’ Mr. Harper describes.  It would appear that a moderate position would be somewhere in between.

Except in Canada. Our public policy — no restriction on taxpayer-funded abortion at any time during gestation — is unmatched by any other democracy. Save for Chinese-style mandatory abortions, it would not be possible for Canada to be more extreme in its abortion license. So extreme in fact that even our polar neighbours, Sweden and Norway, would blanch at our permissiveness. Both countries prohibit abortion in most cases after 18 weeks gestation. In Britain, it is 24 weeks. In Italy, 13 weeks. In France, Germany and Belgium it is 12 weeks.

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Lord, have mercy.