Wednesday, 15 March 2006

I'm an Anglican and I'm Okay!

This is the first post in a brand new category: I'm an Anglican and I'm Okay! In this category I'm going to write about what I like about Anglicanism and being Anglican. Even though I think the Anglican Church of Canada has lost its way, there are many thinks I like, even love, about things Anglican.

For example, I love that we've had Archbishops of Canterbury (George Carey) who write things like this:
Let’s not have any truck with bland theology, that Jesus is just one option among many. Dialogue with other faiths is very important, but I can respect another faith and a believer of that faith by saying I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. Do with that truth what you may, but my job is to say that to you.
...and Arcbbishops of York (I don't know which one) who say or write things like this:
Anglicanism stands not for tolerance for the sake of compromise, but comprehension for the sake of truth.
Jesus and truth. They go together, even in Anglicanism.

I love that we have priests like Lynette Kent, who used to be in Leduc, Alberta (or still is?) who describes herself as an
evangelical traditional charismatic contemplative Anglican Christian with leanings toward high churchmanship.
...and that reminds me of something I read in The Anglican Digest (Transfiguration 1997, p15) and noted in my journal—one Edward Fudge (what a great name!) of Houston, Texas writing about the appeal of Anglicanism as a marvelous mixture of Protestant and Catholic and quoting a fellow called Alexander Campbell who’s style was to
adorn my hat with feathers plucked from birds of many colours.
And so, here I am, an Anglican. I wonder why some days. But then I adjust my feathered hat at a jaunty angle so I can, as George Carey suggests, keep on trucking with the good stuff.