Saturday, 11 March 2006

The Rev. Dr. Brett Cane: A biblical perspective on human sexuality

Brett Cane is the Rector of St Aidan's Anglican Church in Winnipeg who I met among the Anglican Essentials team at General Synod in May 2004. He is a kind and gentle man who has written a thoughtful piece: speaking against homosexual practice, as I believe the Bible does, we are not isolating it as the sin God is more concerned about that any other. Gossip, for example, is part of Paul’s catalogue of “every kind of wickedness” listed alongside homosexual practice in Romans 1 (verse29). It is not that we should “come down hard” only on sexual sin and “go easy” on other kinds of sin; it is just that no one is arguing for gossip as a good thing, but many are doing just that for homosexual unions. This issue is a focal point, the tip of the iceberg, of the far deeper issues of authority and cultural accommodation that are facing the Church in our generation. This is why we must address it.

I also want to affirm that persons who find themselves sexually attracted to the same gender or who are involved in homosexual practice are deeply loved by God – Jesus was criticized for being compassionate to the sexually broken (e.g. Luke 7:36-50). However, his love for them also meant that he called them away from their sinful practices (e.g. John 8:11). There are many who can attest to the power of God for help in their sexual struggles. However the foundation upon which to base all our struggles against temptation – sexual and otherwise – is the Scriptures.
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