Monday, 17 April 2006

David Warren on Forgiveness and Manliness

David Warren is a columnist with The Ottawa Citizen.

His website is worth some exploration.

Some excellent pieces, for example:

On Forgiveness:
To accept an apology is not forgiveness. It is just good manners. Good manners can be taught. They are within the reach of almost any human will. The ability to forgive is a little beyond this. It is like genius, in the sense that it cannot be taught.
On Manliness:
One week I write about the feminine virtue of modesty, then last week, I say in passing that women “understand orders differently from men”, and that they don’t belong on the front lines in combat. This last remark, especially, turned out to be a great way to meet women. A lot of them wrote to me -- about half in agreement, and the other half striving to illustrate my point.
...the rest.