Saturday, 15 April 2006

Running on Empty

I really enjoyed this Easter Message from the Archbishop Of Uganda, the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi. It is direct, practical and simple.

Why Empty is Good! 
When we are told the water tank for the Archbishop’s Palace is empty (which it often is!), we say, “That is not good.” When my wife, Mama Phoebe, discovers that the food store is empty, we say, “That is not good.” When my driver tells me that the fuel tank in my vehicle is empty, I say, “That is not good.”
If you are like me, most of our associations with the word ‘empty’ are negative. We think, “empty is bad, and full is good.”
Yet, Easter challenges that assumption, because it is an empty cross and an empty tomb that are central to our faith. The resurrec­tion from the dead of Jesus Christ sets him apart from all other human beings throughout history and especially all other religious teachers. Buddha is dead. Confucius is dead. Mohammed is dead. Jesus and Jesus alone has returned from the grave, never to die again. Jesus is alive today! Empty is good!

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