Sunday, 14 May 2006

The Mothers in My Life: Thoughts on Mother's Day

This prayer was compiled by my wife, Jude, to be prayed in our worship service today.
Lord Jesus, today we lift to you all women. Thank you that you made us in your image. Help us to remember that. Help us to remember the example of your mother, Mary – her obedience, her strength, her quiet faithfulness. Lord, look with your love and mercy on all mothers. Rejoice with those mothers who are called blessed by their children. Support and encourage those mothers who struggle with the responsibility of raising children, those whose children have disappointed, those who will not hear from their children today. Have mercy on all those women who want to be mothers and are not, on those who are mothers, but don’t want to be and on those who have never had the opportunity to be mothers. Have mercy on all those who miss their mothers and on those whose mothers have died. Help us to put a new value mothers and motherhood – not as a sweetly sentimental role, but as a vocation, a high calling from you, worthy of our support.

I am amazed and enriched by the mothers in my life; my own, my wife, my daughter, my sister and my friends. They are all intelligent, strong, capable, beautiful women who navigate through the joys and sorrows of their calling with such grace. The determined faithfulness they bring to the task, despite the sleep deprivation, frustrations, fears, self-doubt and riskiness of it all humbles me greatly.

I love you all. God bless you.