Friday, 9 June 2006

Alberta Health Care and Long Wait Times

I heard that Quebec is to allow limited private health insurance on CBC radio news this morning. The Calgary Eyeopener ran an interview on the subject with an orthopedic surgeon in Vancouver who wondered why can a dog can get a hip replacement within a week when human beings have to wait two years! Good question!

I have watched several people in my congregation wait, in great pain, for our publically funded health care system to get around to dealing with their wrecked joints. I find it hard to understand why people so passionately defend and support that kind of system.

I have heard that the French system is the best in the world, both for access and cost. Some time ago I heard a story on the radio about a Canadian citizen who, after arranging to move to France for a job, was diagnosed with a serious health condition (I forget exactly what), and who found, when he got to France, that he was able to see specialists, have MRI's and treatment within weeks of his arrival without being on any "fast track." Had he stayed in Canada, his treatment would have taken many months. There is something wrong with this picture.