Monday, 18 December 2006

Language and Die Hard 2: Die Harder

...have just watched it again on CITY-TV.

It seems that you can allow the characters to say "Jesus Christ" as swear words and the f-word as much as they like these days, but they beeped "cock"...???!!!???

It is a sign of how values and morality are being turned upside-down. A c-word is worse than the f-word. Things that are offensive are no longer deemed to be so, and things that are not, are now labelled as offensive by some strange, skewed value-system.

It's no wonder unborn babies have lost their status as human beings worthy of, and in need of, protection. It's no wonder that marriage has been devalued by re-definition.

Something has died, indeed. I understand what Pope John Paul meant when he once wrote that ours is a culture of death.

It's hard to watch it happen.