Saturday, 12 May 2007

Interview with Charlie Masters, Anglican Essentials Canada National Director

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Charlie Masters, the National Director of Anglican Essentials Canada, is quoted as saying:
If same-sex blessings are approved, the church will effectively be saying it no longer wants to be part of the worldwide communion, says Masters, whose parish voted to split with the Canadian Church if the resolutions pass.

"It seemed to us it was important to demonstrate how serious we felt this was, by saying, `You know what, if you go this way, if you walk apart, some of us won't be walking with you.'"

More than a dozen congregations have made a commitment to Essentials, with more considering the move.

If that happens, Essentials will ask the archbishop of Canterbury to recognize them as the legitimate church in Canada.
Read it all here.

The Canadian House of Bishops Statement to which he refers is here.

I don't want to be in a church that walks apart from the Anglican Communion.