Friday, 18 May 2007

Running Silent, Running Deep: The SUBmergent Church

All this talk of the Emerging or Emergent church has got me thinking.

If a church can E-merge, it must also be able to SUB-merge. I wonder if our Anglican naves (derived from the Latin navis, a ship...and see here) have turned out to be SUBmersibles.

I wonder if in our Anglican introversion we have so effectively retreated to our "quiet places" behind our stained-glass windows and big old doors, whether literally of figuratively, that we now float below the cultural radar of our day. We are running silent, running deep.

Or, perhaps it's more like this; in our attempts to be relevant to the culture, we have so SUBmerged ourselves in it, that our saltiness has been lost; dissolved by our full emmersion.

In either case, we have some serious E-merging to do. Time to blow the tanks!