Sunday, 24 June 2007

Local Option Checked at the Brink: General Synod 2007

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada narrowly avoided affirmation of a "local option" for dioceses to authorize the blessing of committed same sex unions. The resolution was passed in the Orders of Laity and Clergy (Laity voting 78 for and 59 against; Clergy, 63 for and 53 against but was defeated by the Order of Bishops (19 for, 21 against). A vote by Orders requires that a resolution be passed in each of the three Orders in order to be carried.

There's a blow-by-blow over at the Essentials LiveBlog here.

This evening I gave the Primate's farewell banquet a miss to walk over to Norwood to see where we lived when Anthony was born 31 years ago. A lovely long walk to work the stresses out. I certainly feel better than I did at lunch time after the doctrine resolution.