Sunday, 1 July 2007

A Polite Anglican Rant this Canada Day

Remember Joe and I am Canadian!? Thinking what it means to be Canadian and Anglican this Canada Day and out popped this Anglican sort of rant:
Hey, I’m Catholic, but not Roman; Charismatic, but not in the Pentecostal Assemblies; Evangelical, from a proud and long Anglican tradition.

I have a Bishop and a Primate, not a Pope. I speak English, contemporary and Shakespearian. And I pronounce it Ah-men, not Ay-men.

I proudly wear and display the Cross of Jesus not only on my backpack, but in my church and in my home. I believe in Jesus and I pray that everyone in the world will come to believe in Him, too.

A mitre is a hat, a narthex is a lobby, the Bible is the Word of God, worship is not just music, liturgy is the worship of the people, and it is pronounced Habbakuk, not Habbakuk.

Anglican is the third largest denomination in Canada. Despite the resolutions passed at General Synod, and our attempts to weasel out from under Sacred Scripture; despite our declining noses and nickels, when we’re doing it right, we’ve got it all!

My name is Gene!! And I am Anglican!!