Friday, 9 November 2007

Canadian Primate Hiltz on the Possibility of a Canadian Anglican Split

Comment on Archbishop Hiltz' interview with the National Post over at the Anglican Essentials Blog. On the subject of conservative Anglicans who are considering separation from the ACC, the Primate is quoted as saying:
There may come a point we have to acknowledge that and respect their decision. It’s not what any of us want, but it’s what happens sometimes. If they feel they cannot stay and withdraw other parishes with them, obviously it’s a sad moment for the Church. But I also think at that point you don’t fight. You don’t fight. You have to acknowledge the situation, acknowledge the pain, acknowledge the brokenness. It’s the kind of stuff that drives the Church to its knees.
Personally, I find that encouraging and a much finer response than our brothers and sisters to the south are experiencing from Archbishop Hiltz' counterpart down there.

LORD, have mercy on us all.

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