Thursday, 22 November 2007

Goodies from JI Packer: Building on the Solid Rock, Burlington, Ontario

The great and Reverend Dr James I Packer on Global Realignment: Who we are and where we stand – A Theological Perspective. Some of the things he said that “lit up” for me:
  • He spoke of ACC slippage from the Anglican heritage and the increasing isolation from the wider communion that has caused.

  • He described the peace he has found in standing firm even though he finds no pleasure in it.

  • He defined schism as unjustifiable and unwarrantable separation and as sin. The schismatics are the people who cause the division in the first place. In our present situation, members of ANiC are, therefore, not the schismatics, the innovators are. This is a realignment as a result of a schism perpetrated by revisionist Anglicans.

  • He described the Anglican Heritage as “the most precious, the wisest and the richest in all Christendom.”