Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Old Time Religion: Rite or wrong?

I've been hearing rumblings of a return to traditional forms of worship in "emerging" churches and what-not. I find myself drawn to it as well. Liturgical revision and "inclusive" translations of Scripture seem to be part of what has been a general desalination of the Gospel. So my spirit resonated when I read the following from Fr Tony Clavier over at Covenant:
I am not at all convinced that old English is any more inaccessible than “modern” English to those who are not “churched.” The concepts expressed are just as unfamiliar, whatever rite used, even odd to people who have not grown up in the Faith or come to know Jesus within the context of a liturgical church. People slip into the bizarre vocabularly of football or computers almost unconsciously. They equally slip into the church’s vocabulary as long as liturgy lives and is done well.
Could the Prayer Book Society (God bless 'em!) be right?