Saturday, 10 January 2009

Prayer For a Guy Trying Too Hard to Make Things Happen

This was one of this week's Readings for Reflection in A Guide to Prayer
Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of thee; thou only knowest what I need…I simply present myself before thee, I open my heart to thee. Behold my needs which I know not myself. Smite, or heal; depress me, or raise me up; I adore all thy purposes without knowing them; I am silent; I offer myself in sacrifice; I yield myself to thee; I would have no other desire than to accomplish thy Will. Teach me to pray. Pray thyself in me. Amen. (Francois Fénelon)
I adore all your purposes without knowing them. Now there's a spiritual discipline.

Not a bad prayer for a guy who has to stay. Sigh.

O, yes.

And, O no! some days.