Monday, 25 May 2009

Another Three Words and Eternal Life

Three Words

My post-before-last started what I thought might become a little Bible "triads" series—three word phrases that pique my devotional and intercessory interest. Imagine my surprise when yesterday I found a piece by Allan Dobras over at VirtueOnLine entitled "The Three Most Important Words." In his musing on what is happening to Easter and Christianity in America he wonders what are the most important words ever spoken to humankind. He first suggests "In the beginning," might be a contender, and "Come Lord Jesus," but then there's "It is finished!"—all profound and evocative statements worthy of reflection and prayer—but the most important, he suggests, is "He is Risen."

A Bible Three Word prayer point for today:

that all the people I love would come to know that He is Risen if they haven't yet realized that fact and those that know it, can be faithful and fruitful witnesses of it.

Read "The Three Most Important Words" here.

St Clive (S. Lewis) on Eternal Life

There will come a time when every culture, every institution, every nation, the human race, all biological life, is extinct, and every one of us is still alive.
This from The Weight of Glory in my Readings for Reflection in A Guide to Prayer.

In one of his books, Dallas Willard asks, "Have you ever thought about what you'll be doing in ten thousand years?" I guess it depends on whether or not Alan Dobras' three most important words are true, and whether or not one believes it.

He is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!