Saturday, 20 June 2009

Rector on the Edge: The Shooting Edge, That Is.

Yes, folks. After Provincial Synod was o’er last weekend (no connection, honest), son Anthony and I redeemed gift certificates to go shooting together at Calgary’s, The Shooting Edge. I had never fired a hand gun before and wanted to experience how it feels. We fired both 9mm (Berretta and HK) and .45 (Smith & Wesson) calibre pistols. As the title of the video says, this is the .45.

Things that I noticed:

They are very noisy. I jumped the first time I heard one fired on the range and I was wearing hearing protectors. It would be hard to think straight if one was without hearing protection and in harms way.

I could feel the concussion in my abdomen whenever one was fired.

I was surprised how accurate I could be at 5 metres.