Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wow! Anne Rice, CHRIST THE LORD: the Road to Cana!!!!

She describes the process in her Note from the Author:
I have reached into my heart and prayed for my love of the Lord and my faith in Him to infuse and inform the portrait offered here. I cannot write a word for Him to think or speak that is not rooted in my deepest devotion and belief.

The Lord appears to have answered her prayer.
I wanted to draw as close as I could to Jesus and His family and His followers, yet maintain complete orthodoxy at the same time. This is what I feel strongly called to do.

And do, she did.
These novels, whatever their faults, have been written for Him.

They have been written for Him and for any and all who seek Him, and seek to meditate on the mystery of the Incarnation. And if these books do not bring you closer to Him, then you are urged, please, to put them aside.

Anne Rice has helped me to love Jesus more, especially in this book. As she drew close to Jesus and His family she drew me with her. I was brought closer to Him by her inspired imagination and prose. Amazing.