Friday, 30 October 2009

Bishop Greg on Fear and H1N1

Wise words from Bishop Greg over in the Diocese of Q'uappelle on the H1N1 hoo-ha and the fear it has generated:
Fear seems to lie like a low grade fever over much of the popular reaction; a low grade fever is often not obvious at first, but rather brings a general uneasiness and sense of dis-ease. For some, in this instance, it is the fear of illness and possibly death, particularly fear for our children. For others, paradoxically, it is a fear of the proffered vaccine – with stories circulating about possible side effects and serious dangers. Just like the “old days” when rumours and gossip spread ignorance and fear through populations, the internet is showing that we are still the same human beings we always were – given to the same behaviours, but with a technological twist.
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