Monday, 26 October 2009

David Warren on the Roman Catholic Cat Among the Anglican Pigeons

The Ottawa Citizen's David Warren has weighed in on all the commentary and opinion arising out of the Roman Catholic invitation to traditional Anglicans. He makes a point which I have not yet seen in all the debate—the possible benefits for the Catholics:
the reception of these traditional Anglicans will create very exciting possibilities for all English-speaking Catholics on the "liturgical" front: for the traditional Anglicans retain, in intensely beautiful English, a liturgy that is actually more "catholic" in spirit and form than the rather crass and now dated "contemporary translations" Rome mistakenly approved at the end of the 1960s, in the depths of the post-Vatican II meltdown. Those old Anglicans can help us recover our own more reverent liturgical traditions.
…one answer, and a good one, to the question: Can anything good come out of Anglicanism?

I'm happy to say we get to enjoy that intensely beautiful, 'catholic' liturgy every Sunday morning at 830.

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