Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Momentous Vatican Announcement and Two Anglican Choices

In his Hope Among the Fragments, Ephraim Radner writes that we conservative Anglicans only have two choices; stay, or go back to Rome.

A New Road to Rome

The Pope's invitation to disaffected Anglicans has now made the second of Radner's choices  a real option (see the Catholic News Service article here).

Staying On

On staying, "Staying On" by Philip Turner, an excellent piece over at The Anglican Planet:
As I understand it, my role as a Presbyter is to protect the church from strange doctrine rather than go to another place whenever error rears its ugly head.
…past divisions leave all sorts of opportunities to find a church that is more to my liking–one that seems a little more faithful. On a relative scale of things there are no doubt a number of more faithful options.  But to my mind, to avail myself of one or another of them is simply to repeat what I believe to have been an inadequate grasp of the way in which God has confronted the defection of the world.  No matter how noble my intentions and no matter how understandable my reasons, I, nonetheless, repeat in my own life the divisions of the past.  In so doing, I avoid once again, as did my forebears in the faith, the way my Lord took.  He stayed on.
All here. (H/T Canon James Robinson)

And, for better or for worse, that's where I find myself at the moment.