Monday, 25 January 2010

Classic Racers: a Being Guy Moment

My brother, Don, is now the house artist for Historic Racing Drivers Magazine, a new publication in New Zealand. Last weekend at  Hampton Downs Motor Racing Park near Auckland, he and my brother-in-law, Deryck, represented the magazine at the NZ Festival of motor racing, the biggest classic motorsport event in NZ history, with some 350 cars entered from the UK , USA, Australia and NZ. Look at these beauties:

The car in the foreground is the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup race winning Darracq powered by a 4 cylinder 14.5 litre motor. Brother Don got to do 4 laps as riding mechanic. No seat belts, just a couple of brass handles and a foot rest off the chassis. He was supposed to pump the engine oil as he rode, but he was too busy hanging on. He's still flying. He's also doing a painting of it here.

Deryck aboard Nuvolari's 1935 Alfa Tipo C GP in which he, if I've got it right, won the 1935 German Grand Prix which many think was the greatest victory in car racing of all times and which ticked the Third Reich off, big time. This car is still raced.

Don (looking smug) in a Sunbeam Brooklands special (270 bhp with a 12.5 litre V12 engine) which he got to drive around the car park.

Gorgeous. Those were the days.