Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sabbath Interesting Bits: Anglicanism, Marriage, Leadership and theCovenant

My Sabbath is on a Wednesday this week. Some interesting bits from my blog reading this morning:

More Anglican good news

…this time from The Rev'd Dr. John W. Yates II who lists the good things about Anglicanism. At its best, Anglicanism:
  1. is Biblical
  2. is Sacramental
  3. is Evangelical
  4. is Liturgical
  5. is Worldwide
  6. is Charismatic
  7. is about Accountability (we have bishops)
  8. is Musical
  9. Engages society and the world us
  10. is Prayerful
  11. is a Community of Grace
  12. loves Children
  13. loves Beauty
All here (H/T VirtueOnline).

What Marriage and Leadership Have in Common

In our Sabbath devotional this morning, Jude and I read this:
Contrary to hundreds of Hollywood romance movies, marriage is not primarily designed to make us happy. God is not primarily interested in our happiness, but in something deeper and more lasting: our holiness. Or we might say that God is so interested in our long-term happiness — our eternal joy, which only holiness leads to — that he reserves the right to sacrifice our short-term happiness to ensure we receive it.
Ditto for leadership. Kevin Miller, here.

The Anglican Covenant

The excellent ANGLICAN DOWN UNDER has a good point about the living with an Anglican Covenant and whether or not it can work:
Is homosexual practice compatible with Scripture? Some say No, some say Yes. But together we have not yet agreed to one of two things which would accord with a common approach to truth: either that it does not matter if an open contradiction on this matter is a feature of Anglican life, or that it matters that there is an open contradiction but nevertheless we can live with the contradiction.
That's the question. Wise Kiwi. All DOWN UNDER here.