Friday, 27 August 2010

Stephen Fry in America, Witchcraft and in Defence of Christianity

Reading Stephen Fry's, Stephen Fry in America (Harper Collins). Witty, urbane, funny and this in defence of the "Official Witch of Massachesetts" who lives and runs an occult shop in Salem.  In response to her telling him that Christians have gone from persecuting witches to scorning them and calling them superstitious, Fry writes:
To me, all religions are equally nonsensical and the idea that Christians, with their particular invisible friends, virgin births, immaculate conceptions and bread turning into flesh, could have the cheek to mock people like Laurie for being "superstitious" is appalling humbug. p34
I agree that burning, mocking, or reviling, anyone is appalling humbug and not the way of Jesus. If that's true, however, I find it interesting that Stephen seems to think it's okay for atheists to mock Christians because of our "particular invisible friends," etc. Hmmm.

Atheism doesn't make sense to me. I cannot believe that creation with all its wonder, interconnected complexity and mystery (including the wonderful humour and imagination of people like Stephen Fry) is the result of nothing but random something-or-others.

Stephen Fry also writes a blog, to which I subscribe in Google Reader, on technoid gadgetry among many other things. Always a good read: here.