Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Limp Leading Reading

Still reading and enjoying Dan B Allender, Leading with a Limp: Take Full Advantage of Your Most Powerful Weakness (Waterbrook Press, 2006). I am to work at being a leader with a limp. That shouldn't be too hard.
"The leader who has fled (like Jonah), faced his cowardice, and then surrendered knows that his place is provisional and that his innate skills or gifts are insufficient for the task at hand (no kidding!). He serves as a privilege, not as a divine right. He is humbled because he knows that many others are more deserving of the position but that somehow, in God's irony, he has been allowed to serve as a leader." p105 (italics mine)
Spike Milliganisms keep coming to mind. He once referred to himself as "a hero with coward's legs." So am I. I've had to screw my courage up on more than one occasion. I've also fled, or tried to. Every since I was ordained I've had the sense that I don't know what I'm doing and I see all kinds of people around me who seem to be doing it better and more successfully. I guess that just means that my "limp" is showing—a good thing according to Allender.