Thursday, 28 April 2011

Taps: My iPadevotional Life

It all started when my family gave me a first generation iPad for Christmas last year. I quickly found that my iPad (upon which I'm writing this post with the aid of a Chinese knock-off Bluetooth keyboard—but that's another story) is a wonderful devotional tool. It is not only a whole bunch of books in one, it also glows in the dark. What could be better on a cold, dark winter morning as steam from my coffee floats heavenward like incense?

Morning Prayer
First I tap on the excellent contemporary Morning Prayer on The Church of England website here. If you prefer a traditional language rite, you can set that up as well here:

Notice you can also choose Evening and Night Prayer, both of which I also use—Evening Prayer most often in the church just before I go home for supper and Night Prayer at bed time.

I like the way all the elements in the office reflect the season in the church year without having to flip here and there.

I don't use the readings they provide. Theirs is a two reading lectionary for both Morning and Evening Prayer. I prefer a reading plan which covers the whole Bible so I use the St James Devotional Guide.

I use the free Logos for iPad app for my Bible reading each morning.

This excellent app syncs with the Logos Bible Software package I run on my MacBook which gives me tapping access to helpful notes and commentaries when I need them.

I enjoy that by using the iPad I don't have to be flipping from book to book. Liturgy, Psalms, canticles, Scripture, litanies, responses are all right there or a tap or two away. I find this a rich beginning to my day.

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