Thursday, 23 June 2011

Progess or Backwardness: David Warren on the Vancouver Riot

In his usual straight forward manner, David gets right in amongst it:
Nor is Vancouver to be especially condemned, for something that could happen and has happened elsewhere. What makes Vancouver interesting is that it is socially more "advanced" - has gone farther down the road to which all Canadian society has been trending. It is Canada's most "progressive" city. We see here what that progress has been toward; what lies just under the surface of all that smileyface, laid-back, "inclusivity."
Compare Calgary, whose Flames both won and lost Stanley Cup finals without property damage. Among large Canadian cities, Calgary is supposedly most "backward." It is the redneck town; the wild west of oil rigs and cowboy capitalism. We need more such enterprising backwardness.
I find myself reminded of what these last few months and years has shown to be lying "just under the surface of that smileyface, laid-back, 'inclusivity'" of some of our "progessive" Anglican bishops. Perhaps we, too, need more enterprising "backwardness"—especially when it comes to Holy Scripture and our rich tradition.

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