Sunday, 20 May 2012

On Being Chosen: Thoughts on the Choosing of Matthais in Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Today we have that lovely passage from Acts, chapter 1, in which the disciples, reeling from the emotional roller-coaster of the crucifixion, resurrection, and trying to figure out what to do next, were waiting in the upper room for they knew not what. While they were waiting, they decided to do something about a replacement for Judas. They chose two men; Joseph called Barsabbas, and Matthias. Then they prayed and offered the final choice to the LORD by drawing lots. Matthias got the nod and Barsabbas did not. Neither of them are heard from again in the Scriptures.

I find myself wondering more about how Barsabbas felt, than Matthias. Was Barsabbas the loser? Is that the way he felt? I probably would have.

So, a comparison on being chosen by the LORD for a particular office, or not, from Acts, chapter 1:


  • May never be heard of again

  • Will have to avoid the pride that can so easily arise when one is chosen and someone else is not

  • Are chosen for a specific task (to be a witness for the resurrection, in this case)

  • Are responsible for staying on the mission for which they are chosen

  • May end up dead because of it


  • May never be heard of again

  • Will have to avoid the bitterness that can so easily arise when one is not chosen and someone else is

  • May enjoy a sense of relief having avoided being called to carry out a difficult task

  • Will still end up dead, but might live a less stressful life in the meantime

  • Will need to continue to be ready in case s/he is chosen in the future. 

What did I learn from this? Being called and chosen has more to do with availability than ability. People who love Jesus and who do their best to be constantly available for His call can never be losers.