Monday, 2 July 2012

Towards a New Awakening: Anglican Communion Alliance Endorsement

I'm grateful that the Anglican Communion Alliance folk have endorsed the call to prayer for revival I've been on about for the last few months. President, Murray Henderson, writes:
Dear friends, 
Your Anglican Communion Alliance board is putting its weight behind the vision…of the Rev. Gene Packwood of the Diocese of Calgary. Giving due weight to the many excellent qualities of the Anglican church of Canada to which we are committed, he nevertheless recognizes that we are in a time of serious crisis. And he proposes to do something about it!  
What he proposes arises from a close reading of Scripture and Church History. When God’s people are struggling, God raises up small groups of them to pray. To seek God’s face, to humble themselves, to confess that we have tried to be the source of our own well-being, rather than seeking that from the living God and his Son Jesus Christ. 
Imagine the fulfillment of Gene’s vision: small groups of committed Anglicans meeting monthly to pray for God’s judgment and mercy to be poured out on his church. I suspect such gatherings would be exciting for the first couple, and then it would seem a bit tedious. The enemy would inculcate feelings of boredom and hopelessness. Not seeing immediate results, we result-seeking North Americans would be in danger of giving up. So if you launch this in your church or your area, be in it for the long haul. 
Let us know what you’re starting in your area. We can then publish on our website a list of what’s happening in all the areas across the country. At a time when we’re praying: “Come Holy Spirit”, let’s give the third Person of the Trinity willing minds and bodies to work with!
He's right about the emotional trajectory, but we at St Barnabas are continuing twice a month, an hour at a time, trusting in the LORD, no matter how we feel. There have been some small, local, surprising developments as a result. Please join us and and let the Alliance folk know when you're doing it using the email contact link at the bottom left of the page here.

This is not limited to Anglicans, by the way. We all need it. It needs to be cross denominational and across the land.