Thursday, 12 July 2012

Towards a New Awakening: Anne Douglas on the Prayer Room Movement in "Faith Today"

Anne Douglas quoting Tim Hart, "a harp and bowl musician and intercessory missionary or 'modern monastic,'" in her excellent piece, "Sacred Spaces: How the Prayer Room Movement Brought Me to My Knees," in Faith Today: 
When you look through Church history, great moves of God are always accompanied by moves of prayer. I believe the prayer movement of the last 30 years is setting the stage for the greatest revival that history has ever seen.
O, yes please, LORD!

At StB we don't even have to set one up. Our sanctuary is already richly evocative sacred space. With a little imagination, our windows are already prayer stations, as are the altar, the pulpit, the lectern, the organ and the new children's area.

We just have to do it.

The whole Faith Today article here.