Monday, 19 November 2012

A Little Reviving (Ezra 9:8)

Those of you who visit this blog regularly will know that revival (or whatever you want to call it) is something which interests me. It interests me because I believe it is our only hope. We can restructure, develop programs and fund raise all we want, but a revived church and a transformed society only happens when the Holy Spirit energizes and galvanizes people into saving-faith-in-Jesus action.
Today I found an excellent sketch of what it looks like—excellent enough to reproduce in full:
  1. A strong, ongoing awareness that God is at work. God is glorified rather than any leader or organization.
  2. Uncommon, extraordinary prayer.
  3. Lasting revivals are disciple-making movements.
  4. Lasting revivals spread and grow through common people rather than magnetic personalities.
  5. Revivals initiate new waves of sending. There is an emphasis on the “Go” part of the Great Commission. Lots of new missionaries.
  6. There is a strong, clear preaching of the gospel.
  7. There are strong convictions of sin and an awareness that the gospel is the only solution.
  8. Deep gratefulness for the grace of God.
  9. Transformed lives.
  10. Revivals often happen among those on the margins of society.
  11. Revivals are often opposed by those in positions of power.
  12. Revivals often happen outside the physical meeting places of the church.
 …from Rick Dugan over at Honest to George. It lines up with what I've read (and described) from Edwin Orr, Timothy Keller and Martin Lloyd Jones.

The references to disciple-making and sending resonate with some things I heard at the Council of General Synod meeting over the last few days.

It comes when God decides. Our job is to pray.