Monday, 10 June 2013

Another Day of Ministry in Transit

Rode Routes 51 and 21 today. 51 from the end of the street to the Church. And 21 to and from the hospital. 51 back home again. Very comfortable.

I realize, though, that it's not as easy or convenient to do a quicker circuit from the hospital to a nursing or someone's home. I have to think through my schedule more carefully. On the other hand, I can read work related stuff as I travel.

Momentary confusion this afternoon when I went across the street to the transit terminal to where I thought the 21 headed out to find a bus labelled 31! A nice lady assured me it was 21, to the Hospital, and the driver apologized because the route display system didn't immediately "take" the new route number when he punched it in. The aforementioned lady commented on how beautiful StB is and that she enjoys watching the weddings from the bus terminal in the summer. She asked me how long I've served there and told me something of her life.

I like the way the bus drivers thanked the passengers just before they alighted this afternoon each of whom responded in friendly kind.

The bus "knelt" again for a man with a cane to get off. A nice gracious touch.

I started Church of England Evening Prayer while waiting at the terminal. Psalm 47 was up:
God reigns over the nations; God has taken his seat upon his holy throne.
I then took my seat on the 51 and continued while riding home.

Even the bus "knelt" to take on a young mother with a stroller. "Lifting up the lowly," just as Mary said in her Magnificat.

Daily office on wheels!