Thursday, 20 June 2013

Another Day of Ministry in Transit

Back on the 51 on my way home for lunch. Away for a few days. Regina for daughterly dance recitals, too much to fit in for a few days whilst fighting a cold (being a woos, I know) and Calgary for diocesan meetings. Today I drove in because I have a pastoral visit in Redcliff this afternoon. 

Met a young fellow in the terminal across from the church who came up to say hello. He's been in for help a couple of times and told me he is doing much better now. Getting ready to go back to school. Good news. An encounter that wouldn't have happened if I'd not been travelling by bus. 

On my way back to the church. Note to self: avoid the seat over the rear wheel on the "mezzanine deck." Too little leg room even for me. 

I do enjoy being able to tap in transit. 

StB from the terminal…