Saturday, 13 July 2013

Not Just Rotary With a Pointy Roof: Archbishop Justin Welby on His Faith and the Church He Serves

An encouraging read this morning. Charles Moore, a school mate of Justin Welby, writing in The Telegraph. Apart from the title of this post, the following statements caught my eye particularly:

Does he know Jesus? “Yes. I do. He’s both someone one knows and someone one scarcely knows at all, an utterly intimate friend and yet with indescribable majesty.”

Because he came to faith dramatically, he has few prejudices about which tradition to inhabit. “I am a spiritual magpie,” he says. As well as speaking in tongues (a Protestant practice), he adores the sacrament of the eucharist (a Catholic one). He also says the morning and evening office, Book of Common Prayer version, in the chapel of the palace, every day. “Today it was Psalm 51, which is penitential. If you come in thinking how brilliant you are, it’s good to say that psalm.”

All here. H/T Anglican Down Under.