Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Kneeler on Wheels

Canadian Tire, already one of my favourite stores, has risen in my esteem even more as it seems to have unwittingly broken into the helps for spiritual disciplines business. I was in to my local service centre have my winter tires put on a few weeks ago and came across the Motomaster Kneeling Creeper. As an Anglican office praying clergyman and a lover of gadgets this ingenious device immediately brought all sorts of unintended by Canadian Tire devotional possibilities to mind. 

Praying the Daily Office needs be unmoving no longer. Canadian Tire has provided us with a new creeping thing (Gen 1.26) to really get somewhere in our daily devotions. Spiritual inertia in our prayer life is overcome as daily devotions become worship on wheels. The Kneeling Creeper can be, for us, the very outward and visible sign of a creeping inward and spiritual grace. No longer immobile, we can break free from the bonds of enervating devotional stasis into a new and truly progressive piety as we creep from glory to glory (1 Cor 3.18) on our knees. 

Hell will no longer hold the monopoly on wheels. 

Experience the Venite anew and on wheels at Morning Prayer. Perfect for getting from (Rite) A to B for our Episcopalian friends. Devotions on wheels will be hard to resist for progressives. Keep the liturgy moving on Sunday mornings—literally. 

Hopefully, as this new tool for devotions gains traction, and as Canadian Tire realizes what they have on their hands, they will offer the Kneeling Creeper in a full range of liturgical colours and with an attachable prie-dieu. 

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