Thursday, 5 January 2017

From the ARM Chair (Winter 2016 Anglicans for Renewal Magazine)

By My Spirit

I write this just having finished leading a parish retreat for St James' Anglican Church, Calgary. It was entitled By My Spirit: Live Giving Anglican Worship and arose out of the present Anglicans for Renewal series of articles on the references to the Holy Spirit in the prayer books. There was worship, I gave some talks, there was lively talk small group discussion and good fellowship. It was a time full of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. We enjoyed ourselves. We explored the rich (and Spirit filled) tradition of the Anglican daily "offices"—morning, evening and night prayer—as the comprehensive, Biblical, accessible and effective tools for prayer they are.

If you would like a similar event in your parish, deanery or diocese exploring and teaching on using the prayer books to pray in the Spirit for renewal, revival and awakening, both individually and corporately, contact our office. We'd be happy to discuss possibilities with you. We offer other workshops, too. Look at our website for the list.

Vatican Charismatic Renewal Jubilee

I received the following email from Pastor Jim Bredeson, Chairman of Oasis, the Lutheran Renewal group in Canada:
Good Morning!
         This summer I attended the Oasis Sweden meeting in Jonkoping, Sweden. While there I met with Peter Artman, a priest in the Church of Sweden and active in the Oasis movement there. He told me of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic renewal to take place in the Vatican next year. He also told me of his hopes to gather a delegation from the historic churches (such as Lutheran and Anglican) who themselves were greatly impacted not only by the charismatic renewal but also the Catholic movement in particular. He (and I) think that it is significant that this 50th anniversary takes place during the same year as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation—not to mention the 150th of Confederation in Canada.
         The celebration as I said earlier will take place in Rome, ‪May 31 –June 4‬ (Pentecost Sunday). The cost for the meetings only  is 30€ ($44 CAD; $33 USD). Accommodation is not included.
         I have copied Peter on this email. Let me know if you are able to go. Please forward this invitation to anyone you know who might be interested. I only ask that they respond to me and Peter so that we know if we have something of a delegation going.
         You will find the invitation from the Vatican below. The website for more information and to register for the event is:‬
         2017 is a year of celebrating the legacy of past revival. It is my prayer that it will be a year of present revival as well.
         Be strong in the Lord!
         Jim Bredeson
         Oasis Canada
UPDATE: Doesn't look like any ARM Board members are able to make this trip. Let us know if you plan to attend and we can put you in touch with Pastor Jim. 

Fasting and Prayer

I also received the following message from ARM Board Member, Bishop Fraser Lawton:
While attending the recent gathering of the Global South,  it occurred to me that this might be a good time to call people across the country to prayer.  We do spend time talking together about the situation in Canada, about possible responses, in encouraging one another, etc.  I was reminded there to not neglect the truth that this is all also a spiritual battle, and we also need to engage at that level.  I do know that people are praying.  However, I thought it would be good to have a specific day when as many as possible could join together.  Without directing how/what, I am hoping you will spread the word…that November 26 be a day of fasting and prayer for the Anglican Church.  That is the last day of the Christian year, and we can enter the new one in this place of prayer. 
UPDATE: Since November 26th has passed, please consider continuing fasting and praying regularly for the Church until General Synod 2019 when the second reading of the change to the Marriage Canon will take place. 

Watch our Facebook page for more information, resources and ideas on how to observe such a day.


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