Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lenten Ember Day One: Wednesday—Anglican Renewal Ministries Canada Call to Prayer

It begins again. Wednesday, the first of the Lenten Ember Days. The morning Book of Common Prayer readings include the final verses of Matthew 26 where Peter denies Jesus. Uncomfortable on any day, but especially on an Ember Day when I’m really trying to be faithful and to seek The LORD’s face.

Does the way I live my life make my Christianity obvious enough that no one would have to ask whether or not I am “with Jesus” (Mt26.69)? And if anyone does ask, will I have the courage to say Yes, I’m with Jesus, I know him, I believe in him and what he teaches in the Holy Scriptures?

Pray for that courage when the opportunity comes, and to answer without compromise, yet with gentleness and respect (1Peter3.15).