Thursday, 29 December 2005

The One

Yesterday I went to see Narnia. I found Aslan to be an evocative portrayal of Jesus by a Christian scholar and apologist (CS Lewis) with impeccable credentials. For me the film was surprisingly moving and strangely comforting, especially when Aslan (Jesus) roared and showed some rather impressive teeth.

My denomination has down-played that attribute. Our Jesus has no teeth and so His gospel is presented as one of merely affirmation (whatever our sorry state) rather than transformation (the radical hope offered by a God who raises people from the dead).

My morning Gospel reading was from John, Chapter 1. In verse 26 John writes, "among you stands one you do not know." That is true for me, too, alas. I know something of Him but I'm still looking through that glass, darkly. I'm learning, but it's a slow process and my willfullness is a challenge.

It also seems to be more and more true for my denomination. One is standing among us who many of our leaders seem to know less and less, I fear.

Many of the folk who watch Narnia will not know The One who stands among them figuratively in the film either. How can they if there is no one to tell them, or if the telling is left to other denominations?

Narnia helped me to know The One I follow a little better.