Wednesday, 8 March 2006

"Leaving the Shire" by Bill Boniface

A short time ago I was attending a church mission partners meeting where a new couple had shown up to explore signing on with our team. After introductions, someone asked them what had brought them to our parish from one in another clearly orthodox and untroubled denomination where they’d been highly active and involved.

The reply to that simple question was both inspiring and intriguing: "We decided we had to leave the Shire and join the Battle for Middle Earth." The husband went on to say that they had watched the battle for the soul of the Episcopal Church raging from a distance, and after a great deal of prayer and discernment had felt called by the Lord to come and take an active part in it. They seemed to clearly comprehend that the battle in our own Church was but the front line in a war being waged against all churches - indeed any such forces that serve as moral authorities in an increasingly confused culture.

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