Thursday, 4 May 2006

Canadian Bishops speak out against Nigerian laws on homosexuality

From The Anglican Journal.
Niagara Falls, Ont., May 4, 2006 - Canada's Anglican bishops unanimously endorsed a motion expressing "grave concern" about proposed legislation in Nigeria that "would prohibit or severely restrict the freedom of speech, association, expression and assembly of gay and lesbian persons." Their motion also called criticized the (Anglican) Church of Nigeria for its support of the legislation.
In unusually strong language, the bishops said they "disassociate" themselves from the actions of the Church of Nigeria and called upon Anglicans around the world to listen to and respect the human rights of gay people.

But what a shame they weren't equally gravely (or even mildly) concerned enough to also "disassociate" themselves from, or acknowledge the harm done to the Anglican Communion by, the unilateral actions of the Diocese of New Westminster and ECUSA.