Saturday, 30 September 2006

Our next Primate: Orthodox, Catholic and Beautiful?

Ruth Gledhill of The Times:
But things are going get really fun across the Atlantic. Next year, with the pending retirement of Andrew Hutchison, the Canadians will elect a new primate and reliable sources tell me the favourite is none other than the orthodox, catholic, beautiful Victoria Matthews. It is just such a crying shame that she won't be elected in time for the Primates' Meeting in Tanzania in February. Between them, these two such gifted women at the table as Matthews and Katharine Schori, could with barely a question be able to sit down and argue from their neighbouring provinces and opposite premises in a fine, civilised fashion and indeed get it all sorted out before Lambeth 2008. But as it is we are just going to have to wait until July 2008 to see those particular fireworks get lit.
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