Sunday, 1 October 2006

A Visit to Auschwitz

Things that stick in my mind’s eye after a day at Auschwitz:
  • the sheer size of the place

  • a toddler’s dress with an exquisitely embroidered bodice the size my grand-daughter would wear

  • a beautiful but awful bolt of cloth made from human hair

  • concrete sixty-hole latrines

  • a brown leather suitcase, in a huge pile of suitcases, with the name and address of a 12 year old girl painted on it in white along with the sad, sad label: “Waisenkind,” orphan

  • four-person punishment cells with standing room only and with a single air-vent the diameter of a small soup can...people suffocated in them
A sobering glimpse of what we're up against and what Jesus died to defeat.

Lord, have mercy on us all.