Monday, 2 April 2007

Holy Week Watercolour from the Word: Monday

Okay, so this is a straight swipe of an idea I discovered over at soupablog where there is this wonderful lentenblog thing going on using a Moleskine sketchbook (if you've never heard of them, check them out here and there). Even though I do not possess a Moleskine, I thought I'd try some sketching and thoughts for Holy Week anyway.

I did the sketch above during our Lenten Stillness hour...the church is open from noon to 1pm for prayer and meditation. That's the pulpit from which I'm priviledged to preach. Yes, I still use it because it gives the preaching a sense of occasion. The cross is there ready for the Triduum.

The verses that have "rung" for me so far today are those above...Psalm 130.5 on the left and Isaiah 49.4 on the right. The Isaiah verse challenges me because, if I'm honest, I'm uncomfortably aware that much of what I do is done out of vanity (and therefore for nothing). Yet, I know I am loved, that the verse on the left is also true for me, so any right and recompense there is for me, is with the LORD my God...and just as well.

The other verse that "went off" for me this morning is Zechariah 10.2...
For the household gods utter nonsense,
and the diviners see lies;
they tell false dreams
and give empty consolation.
Therefore the people wander like sheep;
they are afflicted for lack of a shepherd.
There are leaders in our church who are uttering nonsense, seeing lies, telling false dreams and giving empty consolation to people struggling with the household and other gods of this age. Therefore Anglicans wander and are afflicted for lack of courageous shepherding by leaders who are prepared to lovingly resist the spirit of the age.