Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Holy Week Watercolour from the Word: Tuesday

Today's image is from the Stations of the Cross...the Women of Jerusalem. I know it's a bit early in the timeline for the week, but it was the thing that drew me today.

I love the way the Altar Guild women do this one with flowers and pearls and a lace table-cloth. In the past they've included a china tea-cup and saucer and a lace handkerchief. I find the femininity of it very moving every year.

This little display also reminds me of a scene from the novel, Christie, in which a woman places one of her aprons in her husband's coffin just before he is buried. I don't know I find that act so moving, but I do.

It was the women who prepared Jesus' body for burial and were there first thing on resurrection morning to finish the job. God bless 'em.