Monday, 6 August 2007

The Revisionist Dictionary: Part 1

...over at Stand Firm...some wee gems...
ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA: Second most enlightened member church of the Anglican Communion.

BIBLE: Collection of ancient patriarchal texts available for reinterpretation, contextualization, deconstruction, ridicule, and selective use. Subordinate to canons (2)*.

BIBLIOLATRY: Worship of the Bible*; believing that the Bible has greater authority than the Constitution and Canons (2)* of the Episcopal Church. “If we exalt scripture as the supreme, preemptive authority, we may well be guilty of bibliolatry” (D.C.).

BOX: Container into which the Orthodox put God. “If you stake the gospel on Christ’s bodily Resurrection*, you put God in a very small box.” Because Progressive reason is liberating*, Progressive beliefs do not similarly confine God.

BOY: Small, disruptive, potentially patriarchal human in need of domestication.

CHURCH GROWTH CONSULTANT: Explains why your congregation does well by shrinking more slowly than others.
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