Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Spiritual Anemia and the Spiritual Vitamins and Faith Supplements that Cure It

A Cure for Spiritual Anemia

Yesterday I came across a post at Mere Comments on Dr John Patrick who speaks and writes on matters of faith and medicine:
Dr. Patrick sees the grave and threatening Christian illiteracy at the heart of our spiritual anemia, and as a doctor who has himself converted to Christ in his adulthood (including becoming pro-life after being pro-abortion), he prescribes a heavy dose of spiritual vitamins--essentially a rich liturgical, worship life, devotional life, spiritual community, a recover of the classical mind and disciplines of the Church. 
There you have some essential spiritual vitamins.

Faith Supplements

And not only that, but yesterday's A Guide to Prayer reading included this phrase:
make every effort to supplement your faith with…(2 Peter 1.5, ESV)
followed by a list of appropriate supplements. It reminded me of the vitamin supplements we take to improve our health, wellness and increase our resistance to disease. Faith supplements will do the same for our spiritual selves. Here's Peter's list of faith supplements:
  1. Virtue or goodness (NIV), good character (Message), moral excellence (NLT)

  2. Knowledge or spiritual understanding (Message)

  3. Self control or alert discipline (Message)

  4. Steadfastness or perseverance (NIV), passionate patience (Message), patient endurance (NLT)

  5. Godliness or reverent wonder (Message)

  6. Brotherly affection or kindness (NIV), warm friendliness (Message)

  7. Love or generous love (Message)
Daily Doses

Want to overcome spiritual anemia and malaise? Take Dr Patrick's spiritual vitamins and Peter's faith supplements daily.

They would also be good Prayer Point supplements for ourselves and those for whom we pray.

Don't forget the basic spiritual vitamin C in my previous post here.