Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Epiphany: Finding Jesus and What To Do With That

Some thoughts arising from the Epiphany readings and this morning's A Guide to Prayer reading: John 1.35-42.

The wise men had to search for Jesus. I don't know whether Andrew was searching but when he found Jesus, he told his brother, Peter (v41), and brought him to Jesus (v42).

Four Epiphany questions:
  1. Have I found Jesus?

  2. If not, have I been looking? 

  3. To whom shall I say, "I have found the Messiah"? 

  4. Who shall I bring to Jesus? 
To say "I have found the Messiah" sounds pretty religious and grandiose in this day and age. Most people would not understand the terminology. It doesn't have to be said that way. We need to say it more naturally. For example, we could say something as simple as , "I've found the meaning of life," to use Alpha course language, or "I've found someone and something that makes sense out of my life and helps me to live it with more peace and joy, even in the midst of troubles, than I ever thought possible."

People are hungry, many are desperate, for answers, for solutions to their problems. All sorts of people have built followings and fortunes touting empty or downright false someones and somethings.

Our job as Light Emitting Disciples (LEDs…see here) is to find ways of saying and demonstrating that Jesus is the only, the ultimate, answer, solution and someone. His Church is the something.

Then, who shall we bring to meet him?