Monday, 5 January 2009

On Being an Epiphany Light Emitting Disciple (LED)

As I was about to pray the prayer of Thanksgiving and Consecration in our early service yesterday, the light theme which shines through Epiphany somehow brought LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to mind. Quick as a flash, the thought popped into my mind that we need to be Light Emitting Disciples to make Jesus manifest to the world around us. This all in the pause between the Comfortable Words and the Thanksgiving and Consecration.

LEDs are all the rage these days. Most of the Christmas lights are LEDs now (where did all the incandescents go? Where all the IBM Selectrics and CRT computer monitors went, I guess). The thing about LEDs is that they are energy efficient.

Three ways to become energy efficient Epiphany LEDs:
  1. make sure our connection to the power source is secure (worship and devotional life)

  2. keep our lenses clean (confession and repentance)

  3. shine brightly (generosity, good words and works for Jesus' sake)
The only trouble with the analogy is that Light Emitting Diodes are cold. Light Emitting Disciples must be warm.